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There are 3000 works of art in this category

Entrance to the Port of Palermo in the Moonlight

Vernet, Claude-Joseph. 1714-1789

Childhood of Romulus and Remus

Lazzarini, Gregorio. 1665-1730

Adoration of the Magi

Maternal Love (The Сharity)

Cignani, Carlo. 1628-1719

Cover Coats of Arms for the Funeral of Peter I. Coat of Arms of Perm

Still Life

Castedo, Palero Julián. 1891-1960

Portrait of Tsarevna Anna Petrovna

Anonymous Artist, first half of the 19th century

Drawn Out Conversation

Children with a Dog

Maggiotto (Domenico Fedeli). 1713-1794

Album with drawings

Kanō Tan'yū (?). 1602-1674


Michau, Théobald. 1676-1765

Icon: Christ Pantocrator with Donators

Portrait of Anton P. Velikopolsky (1770-1830)

George Dawe and his workshop

St John the Baptist with a Lamb

Anonymous Artist. 18th century

Portrait of Josephine de Beauharnais

Massot, Firmin. 1766-1849

Allegory of Peace, Art and Abundance

Aachen, Hans von. 1552-1615


There are 3000 works of art in this category

Street Scene

Portrait of Marshal de Saint-Andre

Anonymous Artist. 1560s - 1570s

Seven Sons are Fighting for First Place Among Those Who Passed Examinations



Design of a Cascade with the Half-Figure of Triton

Unknown French artist. 18th century

Boy Riding a Donkey

Card with Letter “Щ“

Terebenyov, Ivan. 1780-1815

Third Sheet of the Poem 'Blancheflour' by K.F. Scherenberg

Schütze, Ernst Friedrich Gotthold, II; Graeb, Carl Georg Anton. 1816-1884

Portrait of a Man in a Powdered Wig

Anonymous Artist


View of Abo with a Cathedral

Kügelgen, Carl Ferdinand von. 1772-1832

A Man in a Blue German Costume of 16th century

Born 1490


Portrait of a Young Lady in White Dress

Hau, Woldemar. 1816-1895

Studies of Flowers: Mountain Cornflower, Aquilegia (Columbine) and Knautia (Scabiosa)

Fohr, Carl Philipp. 1795-1818


There are 264 works of art in this category

Portrait of chronicher

Portrait of M.A.Naryshkina

Lagrenée, Anthelme-François. 1774

Imam Ali and Qanbar

Warrior Standing by a Tree

Portrait of Elizabeth Petrovna

Ericksen, Vigilius. 1722-1782

Portrait of Nakib Khan

Bird Perching on a Rose Twig

Portrait of Nadir Shah


Portrait of Major-General A.D. Balashov (? )

Vernet, C. active first quarter of the 19th century

Frame with Views of Architecture and Portraits: Miniature Depicting Portrait of Mumtaz-i-Mahal

Woman Holding a Decanter and a Cup

Youth with a Lute

Portrait of Adolf Frederick I, King of Sweden (1710-1771)

Anonymous Artist

Miniature: St Peter

Huaud, Jean-Pierre (?). 1655-1723

Ruler on the Throne Surrounded by Servants and Courtiers

Youth (? ) with a Turban on his Knee


There are 3000 works of art in this category

Portrait of Peter the Great

Bobrov, Viktor. 1842-1918

Two Monks

Anonymous printmaker

Portrait of General Wittgenstein

Anonymous printmaker

Portrait of P. A. Solovyov, Priest of the Little Okhtinskaya Church

Portrait of Alexander Ivanov

Borel, Pyotr. 1829-1898

Portrait of D. Sipyagin

Boy on Horse

Portrait of a lithographer-printer LI. Chernyavsky

Vereysky, Georgy. 1886-1962

Consolation at the Time of His Absence

De Launay, Nicolas. 1739-1792

Portrait of General Wittgenstein

Anonymous printmaker

Hunting Pavilion at Tsarskoye Selo

Anonymous printmaker

Undressing of the Bride in the Evening of the Wedding-Day

Bosse, Abraham. 1602-1676


Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

Monument Erected to Commemorate the Great Fire of London in 1666

Bickham, George, II, c. 1706-1771

Don Cossacks in Hamburg. 6 (18) March 1813

Suhr, Cornelius. 1781-1857

"Alexander I in the Studio of George Dowe in the Winter Palace"

Bennett, William James. 1782-1844; Wright, Thomas. 1792-1849